A day of national celebration in Brussels! Bugger!

Saturday 21 July. Brussels’ streets and squares were packed as the city celebrated the national day. A great day for Belgians, not a great day to visit. This on top of the tour parties following their umbrella toting guides and all on a blistering hot day. Oh, well.

Took an hour to cycle in, stopping to take pictures along the way,

then spent a few hours fighting the crowds before turning around and heading out of the city.

Swung past Atomium.

I have booked a ticket for Monday so more on that then.

Got back to Big Al, tired, sweaty, grubby and a bit frustrated but, Gary, it was a game of two halves. I set off in search of groceries, (no luck there, hampered by Google’s false hopes) but found the otherwise anonymous area held a beautiful town centre and, of course, a lovely park, replete with its own 12 century ruined castle and moat.

There was also the, now expected, piece of modern art…

this by British artist Barry Flanagan. The town might be called Grimbergen but it is far from it.

To top this off, the small pizza place across the road from the van had opened so I treated myself to a takeaway pepperoni and a couple of beers while waiting. There is not much that good pizza can’t make better, and this was good pizza. Then I remembered Zara had given me Suburbicon for Father’s Day so I watched that. Pizza and a great movie, a classic Saturday night.

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