A wet Wednesday in Lotofen.

Wednesday 26 September. Spellcheck substituted Lotofen in the title with Lorien, and there have been a couple of moments today when the landscape has evoked elvish lands, though I’d been thinking Rivendell. After a steep climb, with lots of warnings to lorries at the bottom, I turned a corner where the road ran past a wide waterfall and then levelled out beside a large lake with dotted with small islands.

I’ve got ahead of myself. I’d overnighted near the island of Senja as, no surprise, it’s meant to be lovely. The plan was to head to the far side, visit the coastal villages, spend the night and return to the mainland. However, the forecast for tomorrow was snow and I dismissed my idea of driving around in a day when I saw the thick snow on the mountains. So, plan B was bumped up the list. I turned around and headed for the Lotofen Islands, a little further south.

The islands are on everyone’s ‘must see’ list. The relentless rain has taken the edge off, but the views are still staggering. I have stopped a couple of times wondering whether to press on, but I’m about to cross onto the second island and the weather forecast for tomorrow shows rain but with sunny intervals. I’ll review it in the morning but I’m inclined to keep going.

It’s not been a good day for photos, but here are a few. This on the way to the islands,

these of the first island, Hinnøya. As I parked up the SatNav warned of hazardous driving conditions 84 miles ahead and As I finish this, heavy gusts are hitting the van and I can’t get a signal. I will post this tomorrow. The Arctic, eh? (Shrugs and smiles.)

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