Aalborg to Aarhus, Kunsten to ARoS

Friday 17 August. On the drive from Aalborg I was thinking when I’d last seen a British plate on the road or a site – Flensburg, August 10, a Scottish van, and before that it was Maassluis, July 30, also, I realised, the last time I’d had a face to face conversation which was not a transaction for a ticket, groceries or a drink. Anyway, that’s all BTW.

I was also wondering why this tour has become about modern art galleries? Well, most towns and cities have grown with a church or cathedral at their centre, and these feature in their publicity about things to see but, regardless of who the religion bats for, you know what you’re going to get. Castles and old buildings are interesting insights to local history, which is fine, but it’s how places see themselves today that defines them, and you see that in their contemporary galleries. So, I headed for ARoS in Aarhus, and what building!

Yes, those are people walking around a rainbow on the roof!

The ten levels contained work from Warhol, Gilbert & George, Jason Perry, and many others, installations and themed galleries. Hits for me were Ron Mueck’s Boy,

Tony Matelli’s Fucked (Couple)

a couple valiantly hand in hand despite comic levels of injury, and the featured British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman March of the Banal, that focuses on human evil.

It includes four monumental dioramas, where thousands of figures battle each other in epic wars – the detail was extraordinary.

Walking to and from ARoS it was clear Aarhus is a lovely city, so I’m going to spend another day on this free site at the marina,

and sees what else it has to offer.

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