Aalborg’s amazing Kunsten

Destination for the day was a half hour drive to the Kunsten Modern Art Gallery in Aalborg. I ended up spending three hours there and took so many pictures of the mix of excellent exhibitions. Two featured artists dominated. Kaarina Kaikkonen, from Finland, produces beautiful pieces from used clothing,

The gallery garden


and this is draped toilet roll.

The other featured artist was William Kentridge, from South Africa, whose installation, The Refusal of Time, wraps the viewer in five screens of filmed actors and dancers, animation, music and speech for half an hour, which I had to watch twice. No photo could capture the experience.

The permanent exhibition was full of delights, too many to go into here, but the work by Denmark’s Michael Kvium,

and Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Eleven Minus One room of mirrors,

were memorable.

I cycled into Aalborg, drawn to the Utzon Centre, the last building to be designed by Jørn Utzon, the Danish architect behind the Sydney Opera House, which stands on the waterfront overlooking the Limfjorden.

I write this from a pitch along the Limfjorden from Aalborg, a pretty stunning location.

Curry cooked and eaten, ready to start series three of The Bridge, or Broen, as we say around here! If I die before I wake, there has to have been some big mistake!

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