Aarhus, is a very, very, very fine…place.

Found the place I want to live. Aarhus might be Denmark’s second city, and Copenhagen is yet to come on my tour, but I can’t see Aarhus playing second fiddle to anywhere. After exploring for more than four hours, I found a city that is all of a piece, with a small town feel but city chic. Put other European destinations on the back burner, Aarhus has all anyone would want for a memorable city break to both relax and stimulate.

The ARoS dominates the centre,

and, on a flat, grey day, throws a splash of colour across the skyline, but it is far from the only show in town.

There’s another gallery nearby with interesting work,

By Michel Houellebecq
Faces on robot floor vacuums

a lot of video artworks and some requiring the wearing of VR goggles, something I had never had the opportunity to try before.

Following the river, I was led through stylish shopping and cafe areas,

to a sea front of stylish docks, each with elements to serve the community.

Built as a chill space
Reclaimed wood and relaxing corners
This landmark building seemed to have a large piece of public art on the front

The large piece of public art turned out to be a children’s play area.

There were four play areas on this level of the building, and this epitomises the city for me. There were buildings old and new, artworks up the wazoo, (I could fill another blog or two) but, even on a grey day, Aarhus shone as a wonderful place to live, and to visit. (There are direct flights from Manchester – no excuses!)

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