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Alan Oatey was born and brought up in Cornwall by Cornish and Welsh parents who’d met, very romantically, in the Isles of Scilly. He has strong childhood memories of long, car-sick journeys travelling from Cornwall to Swansea to visit family before the Severn Bridge was built, but is proud to have his roots in these two geographically peripheral nations, both deep of soul and big of heart.

Submerged in the creative laissez-faire of the spiritual sixties and experimental seventies, Alan spent hours in his room reading, writing, painting and drawing, immersed in the eclectic music of the times. Perhaps it is no wonder, then, that he found himself at the “celebrated cradle of cutting edge art”, as The Guardian described Dartington College of Arts in Totnes, Devon. There he studied theatre and writing, proud to be one of, what the locals called, ‘the fools on the hill’.

After training to be a teacher, Alan meandered back to Wales and worked as an actor, performer, director, acrobat and tutor for some of the most exciting companies in the country, and wrote and co-wrote a couple of plays which were toured professionally. Thereafter, his path led him to become director of a number of arts venues and festivals around the UK. After side-stepping into creative industries and facilities management in colleges in the north-west, Alan has now returned to his own creative path to tell the stories of characters who have been nudging him in the ribs for more than thirty years and telling him to get on with it.

It was at the subdued, fag-end of a party in Cardiff that some of the characters in Flewk got together and decided they should be in a tale, although there seemed little reason for them to hang out together. The first pages were penned and, as people do, the characters evolved over time. Much like the party, the story had an open door, and other characters drifted in, got involved, and made their mark on proceedings. Now, thirty years on, after a couple of solid years of writing and about the same amount of time refining and editing, their adventure has begun in earnest with the publication of Flewk: Wave & Wake.

As he dives into the next two books, he’d like to take a moment to thank his family and friends for all their support and encouragement.

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In a long life, there’s always later!


Flewk: Wave&Wake is available to download now, exclusively through Amazon


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