All green and autumn gold.

Monday 1 October. Today seems to be the end of the season In Norway as many campsites have this as their closure date. (It also marks a month alcohol free!) After three days of heavy and persistent rain, today I have travelled through beautiful autumn countryside under largely sunny skies.

Trondheim was a washout but, regardless of the weather, there’s not much to see there. It’s a perfectly pleasant town for a weekend away in Norway but that’s it. I skipped Tromso on the way down as nothing grabbed me, and then I read it wasn’t worth the detour. Reading up on Bergen, I’ll skip that too. Fishy and folky seem to be what they promote, and all very charming I’m sure. I expect Oslo to be different, but it seems Norway doesn’t do cities. And why should they, when the country takes your breath away at every turn?

Another six hour drive, including two ferries, has brought me to Ã…ndalsnes, which trumps Trondheim.

It is home to the Norway Climbing Centre,

a stunning building that sits comfortably in its surroundings.

There’s a walk to be done in the morning, and some interesting driving to do after that, though not a great distance. “Time for bed”, said Zebedee!

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