An odd day in Denmark

Tuesday 14 August. I’d planned to pitch up in Hvide Sande. It looked interesting geographically, a narrow coastal strand with the North Sea on one side, Ringkøbing Fjord on the other, and it was on a route north. I’d also spotted an intriguing coastal edifice in Esbjerg, so swung by that first.

Man at Sea, (and I don’t know how the commissioners got away with that) sits overlooking the port that once hosted Denmark’s largest fishing fleet.

Heading on to Hvide Sande, I was picking up the theme of the Danish roads, towns, countryside and big skies, and a flat repetitiveness began to play. So much so that, after turning a bend on the coast road and seeing natural dunes, I had to pull off and explore.

This is where Danes go out for the day, searching for fossils revealed in pebbles or, if you’re too old to care, strolling butt naked across the sand for a chilly skinny dip!

Hitting the road again, I began to question what Hvide Sande would offer that I hadn’t already seen? When I got there, I decided the answer was nothing. Like all I’d seen of Denmark, it was fine – a port, great for water sports and a tourist resort

– but I didn’t think my experience of the country would be enhanced. A quick rethink was required.

I discounted going to Skagen. I’m sure it’s lovely, dunes and sea, but my nerdy collecting instincts for “the northernmost point” seemed pointless, as did short hops across the country. I definitely wanted to visit Aalborg, and found a free pitch on a hotel car park in Skørping, about about 25k from Aalborg, but it meant a 250k drive to get there, on top of the 100k I’d already done.

Anyway, it turned out well. Used to being ‘the only Brit in the village’, village being a motorhome pitch, I have the village to myself, and in a national park!

After being woken early this morning, I feel a quiet night and slow start is ahead. There’s an interesting walking trail on my doorstep so I’m going exploring tomorrow.

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