Antwerp, home of Rubens, but it’s modern art for me.

Despite the heat, I headed for Antwerp; I’d worked out I could follow the river and head through green areas so thought it was worth a punt.

Cool thing number one. To cross the river there was an underground pedestrian/cyclists tunnel, accessed by a lift that dropped 31m to reach it.

Cool thing number two. Got to the Museum of Contemporary Art ; loved it. Great building, some great artwork. Free entry and WiFi.

Went into the old town. Small but picturesque.

Major works were underway in the city and some arts galleries and tourist destinations were closed. All to be reopened in 2020, but I can’t find information on whether this is for a specific event.

Cycled a different route back but this time crossed the river by ferry.

Like the pedestrian tunnel, it was free, and only for pedestrians and cyclists. Once again, Belgium shows it is a class act.

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