ARKEN and the seasons turn.

Friday 31 August. Yesterday’s rain made getting off the campsite a slippery affair but, after some judicious use of levelling blocks, I got Big Al’s wheels onto the road. The campsite was being deconstructed around me, the season was over.

On the last day of summer, and my last full day in Denmark, I headed ten miles south to the ARKEN Gallery which, rather happily, had a campsite nearby. So near, in fact, the gallery dominates the view through my windscreen as I write this.

Shaped like the prow of a ship,

the entrance is dominated by this sculpture,

Elmgreen & Dragset’s Powerless Structures, Fig 101.

Inside, the first room was filled by a piece by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, vocabulary of solitude.

A room full of clowns.

The next space had a piece, Love Story by Candice Breitz, where Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin voiced stories from refugees, which really did get the message across.

Danish artist JF Willumsem, new to me, had a major exhibition.

His use of colour to create glowing images was stunning. Damien Hirst had a room,

an Antony Gormley figure stood outside, and this by Astrid Mynttær.

After a walk on the beach,

I went to the campsite, did my washing, cleaned the van and treated myself to chicken and chips from a visiting van.

It’s been a wonderful three weeks in Denmark. Tomorrow, I cross the Øresund Bridge, from Denmark to Sweden, summer to autumn. Returning to my question about whether Copenhagen would justifiably put Aarhus into second place as a city, it certainly doesn’t. Aarhus still stands as a place I would recommend to anyone to visit, and a place I think I’d like to live.

So, Sweden, what have you got in store?

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