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The first ideas for Flewk were written over thirty years ago and have been revisited and developed periodically since then. Over the last four years of writing, refining and editing, Flewk: Wave & Wake was completed. It was always clear to me that Flewk was going to be a big story but the length of the first book surprised even me. Books two and three are mapped out and will be available in 2017.

I set out to write something I’d like to read; an engaging adventure that surprises by avoiding genre and where the journey is as important as the destination. I hope you enjoy the storytelling, I have endeavoured to entertain. Flewk: Wave & Wake is available to download now, exclusively through Amazon. Click on the link below to download a sample or buy.


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Amongst other things, I am a former actor and artistic director. Along with theatre, I studied writing at college and have always written, including plays that have been professionally performed. Flewk: Wave & Wake is my first novel.

The Flewk Series

Flewk : Wave & Wake


In a society that values life above all else, people are getting murdered. Not just any people, but politicians, and they’re getting worried. Kaizen, an organisation critical of the government, is in the frame for the murders, but the leader of the government, Remington Bellwether, says, “It’ll be something new, someone unthought of, and we’d better find them soon, before another one of us dies.”

A boy is searching for the father he has run away from, and the father is searching for his son, but both are pursued through London by powerful and dangerous forces, irrevocably changing the lives of everyone they come into contact with.

Two hundred years of peace and progress hang in the balance, in peril of being overturned in just a few days, as the repercussions of decisions that built a society are set to tear it down. All because of a boy; all because of Flewk.

Flewk is an engaging, entertaining and expansive adventure through a familiar world that may yet exist, peopled by memorable and original characters. Enter the world of Flewk through book one, Flewk: Wave & Wake. Available exclusively through Amazon.


Flewk : Tide & Time


Flewk: Tide & Time takes up the story from the end of Flewk: Wave & Wake. As of April 2019 it is on its third draft. I had hoped to have published it by now but Brexit reweighed my priorities from writing to travelling around Europe while I can (see my blog). Also massively distracted by Brexit while back in the UK – marching, writing to MP, supporting campaigns, and watching hour upon hour of BBC Parliament! Heading to Europe again in May, back before Halloween, but will continue redrafting. I am sorry for the delay.

Flewk : Sight & Signs


Flewk: Sight & Signs expands and completes stories touched upon in Flewk: Wave & Wake.

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