Breaking a journey at Bremen

Monday 6 August.¬†After about 350 fifty miles and 12 days in Holland, I’m in Germany.

Groningen to Hamburg felt too big to do in one journey, so I stopped off in a free spot behind a hotel in Delmenhorst on the outskirts of Bremen. Just had a drink in the hotel to toast their generosity.

Bremen didn’t promise much but its remaining, small, historic centre gives a sense of the grandeur of this historic city before 60% was turned to dust by allied bombing, with the inevitable loss of of life for those living here. The EU and Nato exist for a reason.


Wikipedia says Bremen has a reputation as a working class city, which I picked up. Seeing beggars on the streets around the old city was only remarkable, retrospectively, due to their absence in Belgium and Holland. Having felt a little disappointed, I feel, strangely, a need to go into bat for the place, not that Bremen gives a shit what I think! You play the hand you have, and I’m glad I headed away from the centre where I found a huge, beautiful, park being enjoyed by the locals, and ambitious projects like the Universe Centre.

ps://”> The musicians of Bremen, click photo for story.


Toot your flute, Oatey’s in town

A very hot day, 35 degrees, I toast Bremen with some very cold pils!

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