Castle tour and thunder ants

Gentle morning, our first appointment was with a castle at 14:00. Strolled into town for a cheeky beer, chatting about how the Belgian way of life was very appealing – small, diverse shops, general conviviality, a sense that the locals owned and took pride in their town.

Got to the castle – Roche, rock, Fort, fort or strong – that eventually gave its name to the town. Also known as Castle of the Counts. Opens for an entertaining guided tour for just one hour a day. Met by a woman in costume who led the tour. The usual castle ruins stuff but informed and illuminated by the entertainer. An insight in the history of the area. Some audience participation, so guess who got picked out?More ridicule heaped upon me, but took it like a pro. Great views. Apparently Bruxelles is on the horizon. Drove to Namur in the late afternoon, parked on a free site and headed into the centre. It was the day the queen ants took flight. They were everywhere, so eventually took shelter in a Pizza Hut for dinner. Says a lot about the city, could have been in Manchester. University city and regional capital, not much else to report. The big attraction is the Citadel so we’re heading there in the morning.

Back at Big Al it rained for about 15 minutes, the first rain for a month or so. The ants knew it was coming – the freshly impregnated queens need moist soil to dig nests for their new colonies. It’s their world, we are an irrelevance or a nuisance. They’ve been doing their thing for millions of years, and will continue to do so long after we’ve gone.

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