Caught in a light shower.

Regular readers may recall my shower was playing up and that someone fixed it. Well, it wasn’t fixed and over the last week I’ve been emailing ‘recommended’ service centres from the Burstner website in English and, using Google translate, in Swedish, explaining the problem and asking advice. I received no replies, even when I asked for confirmation of receipt and tried other direct emails. Poor show.

Over the weekend I found details of another service centre east of Malmö so just drove there this morning. The guy couldn’t help but directed me to another company, called Campea, north of Malmö. The staff there were brilliant and had the shower tap I needed, but couldn’t fit it until October 4. The guy said it was a four hour job as all five panels in the shower, including the ceiling, have to come out, but replacing the tap itself should be straightforward.

Not for the first time in recent months, I thought, “How hard can it be? What have their technicians got that I haven’t? Only knowledge and experience, and that’s not stopped me before!” I drove back to the pitch and got stuck in.

I got all the panels off and into the van.

Thankfully, they’re very light, reminding me of the plastic shapes put around Easter eggs.

I carefully kept all the screws and components in separate containers,

then revealed the plumbing and wiring.

I replaced the tap and bodged the wiring and, after testing a few times, eventually got the leaks sorted. Six hours after starting, it was all back together, working fine, I’d cleaned up and was emailing to thank the guy who advised me.

In the motorhome place in Bury, they charge technicians out at £75 an hour, without falling about laughing as they do so. I doubt Sweden’s cheaper so I’ve saved myself at least £300. I’ll take that. The tap was 379kr, about £32.

I hope nothing goes wrong but, if it does, I bet I can beat four hours. After all, I’ve now got knowledge and experience.

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