Centre D’Art Contemporain, Saint-Pierre-de-Varengeville


Sunday 19 May 2019

Though Rouen offered much more to see; Joan of Arc experiences, Panorama XXL, a three storey projection of, currently, the Amazon forest, and more churches and museums than vous pouvez secouer un bâton à; I had picked up a leaflet for the Centre D’Art Contemporain, Saint-Pierre-de-Varengeville and decided to give it a try. An hour’s cycle brought me to the chateau.

The grounds were lovely, divided up into semi-formal gardens and lawns. Large sculptures were dotted around.

Pleasant and accessible. In the house itself, there was an exhibition by an artist called NILS-UDO (always in capitals it seems) consisting of photographs and paintings inspired by nature.

These three photos are of flower petals laid in pools or on rock,

these of contrived environments.

Some of the paintings were striking.

You get the idea. All very good for the soul. There are better photos of his work here. Worth a look.

It surprised me that there were very few visitors, given that there was no charge for anything and it was a pleasant Sunday afternoon. There is a sense everywhere that the tourist season hasn’t started yet – I see works being finished off around attractions – so that’s probably the reason. All very good for those of us visiting now.

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