Sunday 14 July 2019

Chaves is a spa town. It makes much of its relationship with Verin in Spain, also a spa town, to the extent of regarding themselves as one destination. Just half an hour drive separates the towns, plus one hour time zone difference, Portugal being on UK time, Spain an hour ahead. Must make for interesting scheduling.

Chaves was a ‘direction of travel’ possiblity, then I saw it had a modern art gallery, so that swung it.

The gallery is big but, like the one in Bragança, shows the work of just two artists. Unlike the one in Bragança, neither artist, both recently deceased Portuguese, did much for me.

The town is small. Not wanting a spa experience, I had wander around the castle walls,

with views over the countryside.

The river was nice,

with its Roman bridge,

all very picturesque. It has a medieval centre, pleasant parks along the river, and that’s Chaves.

I’m paying to be on a guest house garden, with power and WiFi. The guy who runs it has been really welcoming. As Chaves took little of my time I’ve used the day positively, but domestically, so all good.

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