D-Day, 75th Anniversary, Omaha Beach

Thursday 6 June 2019

There weren’t the numbers I expected at Omaha Beach, but it was warm, sunny and relaxed.

Most of the beach was roped off, with plenty of armed gendarmerie ready for any foolishness.

These ‘Americans’ were Brits on a beach in France, the ship French.

All the elements of D-Day right there.

Some ghosts returned.

Trump flew in.

Landed. Safely. Oh, well.

Yesterday there was a screen on the beach. I thought it was there to show today’s proceedings but it was for the fireworks last night. There were more fireworks in the form of a twenty-one gun salute,

from these guns I saw at the cemetery yesterday.

Soon after there were fly pasts from jets, WW2 planes, then these formations,

I turned around and these guys were behind me!

There have been ceremonies and memorials at many of the places I’ve visited over the last couple of weeks. I know more of the stories behind what happened just 75 years ago and I’m glad my visit coincided with the anniversary.

D-Day aside, Normandy is a wonderful place to visit, is very easy to get to and to get around. Highly recommended.

Brittany beckons, all being well.

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