Denmark to Germany.

Saturday 13 October. An hour to the ferry at Røsby, then a crossing of 45 minutes put me in Germany.

Farewell Denmark,

Hello Germany.

Yeah, I know, but that’s what the crossing looks like!

My run through Germany to Denmark did not sell Germany to me. On my return, I’d intended to overnight on the outskirts of Hamburg but cast my net a little wider and found a highly rated free pitch in a small town called Harsefeld (You can make your own jokes, but it’s been a while for me).

Harsefeld certainly beats Hamburg. It is a quiet place. The pitch is in the car park of a church,

its attendant ruins, and a park, which made for a pleasant walk. The weather has been hot and without a breath of breeze, shorts being very much the order of the day. The same weather is forecast for tomorrow, which should see me in the Rotterdam area.

Regular readers, please don’t feel the need to keep reading these posts. I’m trying to make covering hundreds of miles of tarmac and concrete interesting, but it’s the Harse end of a great trip and, short of confirming I’m still alive, don’t expect much of interest over the next couple of days. Peace!

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