Don’t be vague, head for The Hague

Thursday 2 August. Should I, shouldn’t I. Felt I should visit Den Haag for all it represents, but it didn’t seem straightforward. Then I spotted a modern art gallery, Museum Voorlinden, checked it’s parking on google and formed a plan. And don’t you love it when a plan comes together.

The Hague (which means something about the count’s hedge, to do with hunting rights) has a beachfront, the grand city centre and, within ten minutes cycling, farmland, parks woods. The areas morph into each other and it is a very laid back place. Nonetheless, it is surrounded by a full on circulatory road system, that got interesting with a smash at a major junction, but I got Big Al to the gallery, and what a gallery!

Gallery peeping through the trees.

Set in beautiful countryside, it is privately owned, and no expense has been spared. A stunning space of awesome scale, with exhibits to match, too many to post here. But here’s a few.

This larger than life couple…

…very tender and the detail was extraordinary, down to the hairs on the legs.

There were pieces by Anthony Gormley and Tracey Emin, and other installations to wander through. The gallery itself was stunning..

with everything lit by natural light and views into the park beyond. So much to see, it was wonderful.

So the plan was to leave Big Al one the gallery car park and cycle into the city. Twenty minutes later, having swung past the International Criminal Court

I was at the Dutch Parliament building, the Binnenhof. Built in the 13th century, it is the oldest House of Parliament in the world still in use.

Looked around the centre then spotted an Escher exhibition so spent an hour in there.

Cycled back to Big Al and drove to a campsite in Haarlem to top the van up.

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