Flensburg, border town

Somewhat unprepared, and after a lousy night’s sleep due to heat and noise, I put a happy hundred miles between myself and Hamburg. The new site on the outskirts of Flensburg could not be more of a contrast to Hamburg – free, clean and with facilities as opposed to paying for a filthy site with none. The site is on the parking for a big shopping centre; think the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

Flensburg is the last town before the Danish border. In fact, it was Danish before a war with the Germans, and still has strong Danish influences. I’m going to head into the town tomorrow. The shopping centre seems geared to Scandinavians stocking up with everything in bulk and I’ve watched motorhomes being loaded up with trays of Coke, booze and so on. It’s even flying the Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish flags.

After a bit of shopping and exploring I spent a few hours planning a route around Denmark. Looking forward to a good nights sleep!

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