Frederiksborg, Gribskov, and being spanked by the Danes

I strolled the 500 metres to Frederiksborg Castle,

it’s a bit of a Danish Versailles. The museum is filled with all the old stuff you’d expect, overwhelmingly so, but it did make me marvel how such fragile things survive hundreds of years.

There were a few surprises. The current Queen by Warhol was one,

this painting, Denmark 2009, was another,

and there was an exhibition of portraits by Ralph Heimans, tucked away in the basement, which was exceptional.

Also in the basement were two copies of works showing how the Danish spanked English bottoms for decades.

On the left is a copy of a frieze listing all the Danes up to Cnut, or Canute, who sorted the English out, and on the right side is an illustration of the Bayeux tapestry. Yes, William the Conqueror traces his heritage to Vikings who invaded France, and there are sources who call him the last Viking.

After visiting the town, I cycled into the local forest of Gribskov, one of Denmark’s largest, which is crisscrossed by routes cut through by nobility for hunting.

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