Thursday 6 September. Put 140 miles on the clock and headed to Gothenburg, via Lidl, home of Victor Hasselblad (Gothenburg not Lidl). Who he?

He of Hasselblad cameras, adopted by NASA and taken to the moon.

Gothenburg’s a metropolitan city, all shops, restaurants and high end. There were a load of very expensively dressed people traipsing along a red carpet and past a photo pack into a function to honour David Attenborough and support polar bears, although their main concern seemed to be how they looked. I’m probably being unfair, but it chimed with my impression of the city – superficial.

There were galleries, museums, concert and opera halls, but nothing striking. I took very few pictures. This is the view from the art museum, along the Main Street towards the harbour,

and at the harbour, the Viking ship sits,

the biggest sailing ship built in Sweden, now a hotel. The modern opera house stood behind me but it did not warrant a picture.

I’m sure Gothenburg is a fine place to live, ticking all the usual boxes, but I couldn’t get a handle on it. I’ll read up a bit more tonight and see whether there’s anything to draw me back tomorrow.

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