Friday 2 August. Another 30 degree day but it was a relatively short trip into Haarlem. Being a science geek I started of at Teylers Museum, the oldest museum in the Netherlands. It opened its doors in 1784, in the same building, and the collection reflects the contemporary science and discoveries from that period.


An insight into the Age of Enlightenment, I enjoyed the visit but it was smaller than I expected.

Haarlem was pretty much your ‘just add water’ Dutch town,

but that’s more a reflection on me than the town, which was pleasant (damned with faint praise). The plan is to get some kilometres under my belt as Scandinavia has always been what this trip is about; more of the big outdoors. So I’m going to head to Groningen tomorrow and travel through, rather than stop at, places, on what I hope will be an interesting route.

BTW, I reduced the picture file size to medium in this post. Has it made a difference on the device you view these posts on, did it load quicker? I’m working over 4G on my phone most of the time so I don’t know how the posts are working in the WiFi world. Respond in comments, or just say hi. Cheers.

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