Hallo Holland. Breda and the Blood Moon.

Wednesday 25 July. Woken at dawn by the tip-tapping of rain on the roof. It was as if the clouds were trying to recall how to rain. Then they remembered and it started to pour, requiring me to close the roof lights. Half an hour later, after a mighty clap of thunder, the rain stopped and, when I got up, it was as if it had never happened.

Eindhoven had been next on my list but it would have been an eastern dog leg to the west coast of Holland, so I decided I would swing through on my way back. Temperatures were set to hit 35, 37 and 38 degrees in the coming days so, I thought, nearer the sea might be better. Breda called.

I’d spotted a well-reviewed camper plaats at a marina, De Turfvaart, (stop sniggering at the back!) and it turned out to be excellent. It also had a lake for swimming. I received a very warm welcome from the owner, whose brother lives in Southampton, and I booked in for two nights; I might make it three.

Walked into the town, Etten-Leur, and yes, it had a windmill,

I did some shopping, had a dip in the lake, then cycled to explore the town in the evening.

Back at Big Al I watched the eclipse of the moon, or the blood moon.

But, mostly, I was spanking the electricity and free WiFi, downloading and updating everything I could think of.

I appreciate I may appear to be permanently on holiday, but this really felt like an indulgent break.

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