Hallo uit Nederland; drie landen op één dag!


Saturday 1 June 2019

Netherlands? Three countries in one day? You’re meant to be in France. What’s that about?

About 500 miles or 710 km in real money.

Oh, right! It’s about an issue with my bike – some electrical fault where the gubbins is not talking to the motor, meaning I have a heavy pedal bike with fancy lights. VanMoof called me yesterday as I ate my lunch at the D-Day memorial to say they need to replace it and, long story short, the least worse option was to drive to Amsterdam and pick it up.

Started off from Utah Beach this morning, broke my journey in Lens (slag heaps, that’s right!) and popped into Louvre Lens solely to update my apps and download some more music. Three hours would take me across Belgium into Holland. I felt okay so set off again, heading for somewhere I’ve spent a few nights, down the river from Rotterdam, container ships rumbling by.

Shit happens. VanMoof have been terrific in trying to sort things out. I aim to get to the shop by 10 when it opens and, all being well, will do three countries in one day again. It won’t be the end of the matter, but I can get back on track.

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