Helsingør from Helsingborg.

Wednesday 5 September. Viewing Helsingborg from Helsingør nine days ago gave me the feeling that it wouldn’t be worth seeing, probably because I was looking at the business side of the dock, and it looked industrial. I changed my mind, but only because I wanted the companion picture to go with Sweden from Denmark. (I’m raising my own eyes here, don’t worry!) So, Denmark from Sweden.

Anyway, as you probably guessed from my preamble, Helsingborg was a fine town. A broad boulevard of grand buildings separating a long seafront, beach, marina and the ferry port from the narrow cobbled streets of houses and shops, with the imperious castle tower overlooking from the hill.

And, yes, I did say hill. After two months of flat, I saw the landscape changing on the short drive today. Perhaps there will be a bit more of the great outdoors to explore.

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