Helsingør has much to offer, but the castle is not included.

Monday 27 August. UNESCO world heritage site it may be, but I was really disappointed with my visit to Kronburg castle. Very little of it is open to the public, and what is open amounts to little more than empty rooms. Like a bad version of Hamlet you’ve paid to see because of a good poster, the exterior of Kronburg promises much and delivers little. Compared to Fredericksburg, which was packed with exhibits and costs just over £8 to enter, Kronburg cost twice the price and had a quarter of the content.

I took few photos, and most of those were of the surrounding area, taken from the roof. I was in an out in 45 minutes. Here’s a few pictures.

On returning to the van, the strong winds that blew up overnight brought in four hours of almost horizontal rain. I settled in a edited book two for a while. When it had blown over I took another stroll around the town. Helsingør is a mix modern buildings around the docks, replacing the industrial activities that it has lost, and a town where timber framed buildings close in on narrow cobbled streets. A lovely town, including this male take on Copenhagen’s mermaid.

On another positive note, I noticed a couple of campers plugged into sockets on the marina carpark lampposts, but it was not the usual socket. In a nearby boat shop I found the required adapter, so I’m on free power again. You’ve got to love the way the Danes operate.

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