Huy-ley recommended

Sunday 15 July. I’d never heard of Huy, and it was not on my to see list, but it has been a wonderful couple of days.

Cycled along the river and back into the town, a flat 40k. I’ve put some photos on Strava so won’t repeat them here. If you’re not on Strava, download the app and follow me, simples. I’m using Strava as a secondary blog.

Anyway, took in the river, a Tibetan temple and the Collegiale Et Tresor. The devil may have the best tunes but the gods have the best builders and craftsmen. You can’t fail but acknowledge the ingenuity and beauty of work created as far back as the 10th century.

The Collegiale Et Tresor has the tallest stain glass windows in Europe at 20 metres. Also some beatiful art works. Hats off to the craftsman.

Drifted into my local and watched the world cup final with just the staff and two locals, one of whom sent a drink across to me. A random act of kindness, and he would not take a drink in return. Convivial, the word that keeps coning to mind as I travel this wonderful country and meet Belgians. Based on my personal experience, they’re kind, outgoing and generous people.

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