J’aime Amiens


Saturday 11 May 2019

You could argue that Saturday and Sunday should feel no different to me than any other day of the week. That should be the case, mais le week-end est toujours le week-end! No tea and muesli for me!

Fortified after brief excursion to find pastries to go with a fresh pot of coffee, I set out to explore Amiens in earnest.

It’s quiet. Birdsong dominated and, except for the farmers market which was packed, there were few people wandering about, even around the cathedral.

The cathedral is massive. It’s France’s biggest and dominates the centre. It could hold two Notre Dame De Paris, and that’s even before the fire!

There is a network of canals in the city and narrow streets of old buildings. There is a strong sense of history but it is very much a living city.

It is a very pleasant place to explore. I chanced across this statue of Jules Verne.

His house was nearby. I hadn’t intended to visit it but, as I was on its doorstep…

Rather underwhelming, unless you’re a real fan.

The rain came down mid-afternoon so I retreated to the van to do some planning. The weather is set fair tomorrow and there’s plenty more to see.

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