Karlstad. (But, Al, that’s not in Norway!)

Wednesday 12 September. I’ve completely flipped! My plans that is.

My intention before I left was to go to Helsinki via Nordcapp, the most northerly part of mainland Europe. Then I thought to cut out Nordcapp and head across the top of Sweden from Norway to go to Helsinki. Then I decided to do Nordcapp but not Helsinki, as you can get there from Eastern Europe should I explore there in the future.

So last night I settled on a route up Norway to Nordcapp, getting there mid-October maybe, then pushing south through Finland, Sweden, to Stockholm and then home. But as I walked into town this morning it occurred to me to do the route in reverse. This would mean doing a few long drives now, while the weather is not too bad, getting to Nordcapp a couple of weeks earlier, which can be no bad thing, then head south through Norway with autumn at my back. (Yes, I know it seems obvious now!)

I’ve done my washing, swapped my summer and winter clothes and will soon set off for Karlstad, half way to Stockholm. A couple of days in Stockholm and then north up the east coast.

Here’s a couple of pictures I took last evening of Lake ‘Big Smile’ (Stora Le).

Not a bad place to spend the night.

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