Kayaking the Semois from Alle.

Monday. Lovely drive south to Alle on the Semois river to kayak 11k to Membre. A great way to see the national park, lots of beautiful dragonflies. The area hasn’t seen rain for a month; a Belgian guy we met on the ferry had said we could probably carry the kayak down the river. It was no exaggeration, we could have. When Lisa asked about life jackets, the guy at Kayaks La Vanne said, “You can have them if you want, but you could just stand up!” Wandered around Alle and had a couple of fine beers from the extensive menu at Au Roy de la Biere, made all the more satisfying for toasting the resignations of those two clowns, Johnson and Davis, who make all other comedy double acts look like cynical morticians on a wet Wednesday. Index finger raised! Salut!We’re staying on a free site in the town, in a national park, a minute from the river. Can’t fault it.

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