Lemons? Lemonade.

Tuesday 4 June

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If the delay caused by the hassle with the bike is the lemon, the lemonade is the delay puts me around Normandy a few days before the 75th anniversary. I’ve decided to hang around and see that.

I spent a couple of nights in Le Tréport recovering from the long drives and reformulating my plans. Now I’ve returned to Saint-Romain-De-Colbosc, the happy place with free power and washing machines.

If problems come in threes, (which they don’t, that’s superstitious twaddle) I’ve completed that quota. First the battery, then the bike, and now the water pump is on the fritz. Fortunately a motorhome dealer just 7km away can replace my pump, but I fell foul of the two-hour and fifteen minutes lunch break so I’m waiting it out.

There may be no pitch after I move to get the pump replaced, but I have a plan B. Either way, I’ll ride out tonight and tomorrow somewhere then hope to be on Omaha Beach on Thursday. It turns out the big set up I saw when I was there was for Trump, so I expect the Americans will be putting on a show to keep the baby entertained.

Providing nothing significant happens before then, I’ll write again on Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Lemons? Lemonade.

  1. Make sure you let Donald know how you (and me) feel about him if you should get anywhere close to him. (Fat chance!)
    Not so good that you have had a few mechanical hiccups along a the way but hopefully that will be the end of them for you.

    1. Cheers Nige, will do. I’m sure he’ll be surrounded by his echo chamber but, hey, he’ll be looking at the people who really made America great again; the veterans.

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