Liège, never seen.

I tried! There are no campsites or motorhome pitch up places around Liège and nothing on the local tourist sites. Not to be defeated, I found some park & ride free car parks on the outskirts so thought I’d give it a try as I swung back from Maastricht.

Liège is surrounded by interweaving motorways and tunnels but inside is an old city of narrow streets. Long story short, after the best part of an hour driving in, out and around the city the P&D I was heading to was full and couldn’t of held Big Al anyway. Ah, well, never mind, I doubt it’ll be the last time things don’t go to plan. Popped back to Blegny, did some good planning and sorting stuff out, and will head to Leuven tomorrow. Rolling out of Belgium now, be in the Netherlands next week I think.

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