Louisiana to Elsinore.

As I write this I gaze upon Elsinore Castle, actually called Kronburg, glowing in evening sunlight.

It dominates the deep blue waters of the Øresund Sound that separates Helsingør in Denmark from Helsingborg in Sweden.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be looking at the castle from the other side.

I’ve walked around the perimeter of the castle and into Helsingør, but will explore both tomorrow. Today has been about Louisiana.

The name of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art derives from the first owner of the property, Alexander Brun, who named the villa after his three wives, all called Louise. There’s a man who didn’t want to change his monogrammed towels. Anyway, it’s huge, beautifully situated, with a significant status and collection.

It looks out across the Øresund Sound to Sweden, and this weekend was hosting its annual literary festival, hence the marquees and crowds.

It’s become a recurring theme that I could fill several blogs on the artworks so, as you would expect from such a prestigious institution, take a look online.

I loved the Giacometti figures,

the Marina Abramovic & Ulay piece Light/Dark, featured in an exhibition on war, where the two artists slap each other.

Her work has an ability to cut through.

There was an exhibition on masculinity and this Antony Gormley piece was part of it,

as was this Francis Bacon, Man and Child.

The gallery holds significant works by many world class artists and was well worth the visit.

It is the photographers golden hour and the sun is casting a rosy glow over one of the best views I’ve seen. Soon I shall sleep, perchance to dream…and there are more things in Heaven and Earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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