Lovely Lund.

Tuesday 4 September. I headed north out of Malmö to top up with LPG. I’d emptied one cylinder since leaving Germany. For my fridge, cooking and hot water for three weeks, topping up cost £15, for anyone that’s interested.

My next destination was Lund. I thought I’d find parking on the outskirts and walk or cycle in, but no such parking existed and I found myself in the narrow cobblestone streets of a busy university town on freshers week with many roads closed by roadworks which kept defeating my attempts to get out. What I saw of Lund made me determined to test Lonely Planet’s assertion, “it just might be Sweden’s loveliest city.”

I eventually got out of the city and set directions for my planned pitch for the night, a small place on the coast with a view of the Øresund Bridge from the north. Lovely.

Lund turned out to be closer than I thought so I cycled in, through a flat landscape of stubbled fields.

The full Lonely Planet quote runs “Founded by the Danes around 1000 AD, Lund is the second-oldest city in Sweden. Surrounded by copses of beech trees and with an impressive architectural legacy, it just might be Sweden’s loveliest city. Lund’s magnificent, medieval old town – centred upon its strikingly beautiful cathedral, around which Sweden’s oldest, most prestigious university (c1666) radiates – is up there with the best.”

I’ve not seen enough of Sweden to have a view, but I could see their point.

These photos were taken within a short walk around the block. This house of the playwright August Strindberg,

gives a sense of the rest of the town.

I visited the Skissernas Museum. It has an unusual collection as it is of artists’, preparations for pieces, their thinking and planning, Henry Moore for example. It was also a fantastic space.

So as the sun reflects over the Øresund strait,

I reflect on another lovely city I knew nothing about.

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