MOMU and Margrethe

Another landmark building, the Moesgaard Museum, or MOMU, sits in the countryside about 7k outside Aarhus, like a launchpad for a alien ship.

You can walk to the top and get another perspective on the scale.

Tracing human development and Danish history, there was also a huge exhibition about Genghis Khan and one on how cultures remember their dead. Everything was wonderfully presented and supplemented with light, sound, video and interactive activities.

Genghis Khan exhibition, as if in a nomad’s tent
The advance of ideas and mankind on the central staircase.

There were plenty of preserved human remains. Most striking was Grauballe Man, who’d spent over 2000 years in a peat bog and is preserved like leather. Thought to have been a sacrifice, his throat was cut from ear to ear, clearly visible in the picture, and which accounts for the twisted position of the head.

The building is huge, the exhibits extensive and wonderfully presented but, frankly, overwhelming; probably best consumed in courses rather than as a huge feast.

On the ride back I swung through Queen Margrethe’s palace, as you do.

She wasn’t in, so the grounds were open. Surprisingly for me, but unsurprisingly for the patron of the ARoS gallery, the gardens were full of sculpture. She is an artist herself and a Tolkien illustrator, which accounts for the Ringbearer’s Jacket sculpture.

Amongst other striking pieces were these two,

which I must find more about, this huge vase,

and this piece.

Well, we are in Denmark.

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