Nordkapp, 71° 10’ 21”.

Saturday 22 September. Big Al has brought me as far north as he can and is cowering on the wind-blasted car park.

I, after walking the site for the obligatory photo,

(I’m used to stalking people to take my picture!) sit in the cosy visitor centre drinking coffee, spanking the WiFi and looking around the exhibitions and film.

There were only a few vehicles and people here when I arrived. It costs about £25 per person for up to 24 hours. Fine for one person but pricey for a family. About 11:30 coaches began arriving and there’s about 8 here now, making the place much busier. I will make sure I’m away from here early so I don’t meet them on the narrow road going down.

There’s a cinema downstairs (most of the centre is below ground) and every half hour it shows a film of the area over a year. The usual drone shots and stirring music but well done and, surprisingly, quite emotional. It shows hundreds of tourists here in the summer, many coming off cruises.

I’m enjoying the rugged bleakness,

and quite looking forward to spending the night here. We’ll see how that goes!

The last photo shows the ‘real’ furthest point north at the end of the Knivskjelodden Trail, and it’s still my intention to walk it tomorrow. The weather’s still meant to be a bit better.

So that’s it! Tomorrow, I turn towards home. It’ll be a month or more, between 2500 and 3000 miles as I’m not going Google’s direct route with the whole of Norway to enjoy,

but I’m looking forward to seeing my family. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been away for ages, at others, for hardly any time at all.

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