Oslo, Ekebergparken Skulpturpark, and 100 days.

Wednesday 10 October, and 100 days since Big Al’s wheels rolled onto mainland Europe. Monday was central Oslo, Tuesday west, today was east.

The Opera House is pretty much on the centre of the seafront and it is currently surrounded by huge building projects. It’ll all look very different in a couple of years. To the east there’s what’s known as the Barcode Project, modern high rise similar to Tjuvholmen yesterday but laid out in a straight line, like a barcode. Google maps shows the effect-

I was only passing through but thought the architecture interesting and there was plenty of public art.

I was heading to Ekebergparken Skulpturpark and the weather was being kind to me once more. The park is far larger than I expected and contains many historical and archeological points of interest as well as the sculpture trail of 40 works. It also offered good views of the city.

The park was a lovely place to wander around and I ended up spending the day there.

The sculptures were from well known artists from the last century, such as Rodin, Renoir, Vigeland and this by Dali,

I liked Anatomy of an Angel by Damien Hirst,

Dilemma, by Elmgreen & Dragset,

Levitating Woman, by Matt Johnson,

Walking Woman, a larger than life size figure by Sean Henry,

and Concave Face by Hilde Mæhlum,

for the way they sat in the surroundings. My favourite was the Chapman Brothers’ Sturm und Drang.

I first encountered their macabre and detailed work in Århus, Denmark, and have become a fan. Each to their own!

There’s information on all the pieces here.

I leave Oslo tomorrow, though hope to visit a couple of places as I go. It is possible that I’ll be back in Blighty this time next week. About 1500 miles to cover.

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