Pissos and Anglet, the last night in France.

Monday 24 June 2019

The ships were lit up,

and the fireworks what you’d imagine,

as I saw Bordeaux off on Saturday. On Sunday, I wanted out of the city anywhere south, and found a quiet aire behind the church in the sweetly named Pissos. A short walk around the quiet town introduced me to this character.

A little research, and I became aware of the Stilt Shepherds of Landes. Not a concept rejected by DC comics, for a century they were a thing in the region. See photos here. As a signed up member of the Stable Society of Stiltwalkers, I admire their resilience.

It was extremely hot so I spent my time seeking shade and doing admin. Wahoo!

This morning, I continued south to an aire on the beach between Bayonne and Biarritz. I thought I’d visit both, but having driven through Bayonne, and as it was still hot, I stayed by the sea.

Anglet is a surfer beach, a French Fistral for my Cornish chums, and was quite busy. Spain hovers in the background.

After cleaning the van and doing some hand washing (wahoo! two) I cycled south to Biarritz. Beach holiday hell.

Spain, that much closer, though.

I’ve been in France for 55 days. Longer than I imagined, but I had no idea really. I’ve covered about 2700 miles, but about 700 of those were backtracking to sort bike and water pump issues.

France has been fantastic. I’d only had a couple of trips to Paris before this, so it’s all been new to me. Clean, friendly, welcoming, with loads to see and experience, I can see why it’s so popular, and it’s made for travelling in a motorhome. Skimming through the photos, I can hardly believe all I’ve seen. One way or another, I’ll be back in France on this trip but, for the time being, it’s adieu. A bientôt!

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