Preikestolen, aka Pulpit Rock.

Friday 5 October. I first saw a picture of Preikestolen in National Geographic. It looks smaller when you’re there.

The views along Lysefjord are spectacular, although, as ever, photos don’t give a sense of scale,

but it’s the drop that everyone is there to see. The water is a long way down; you’d have time to lay a table and eat a small meal before splashing down Wile E Coyote style.

It’s a 9km round trip from the car park, with some strenuous bits, but not bad. And the weather was good again; I’ve been lucky on my walks.

Big Al is sporting a pair of new front tyres, well, one new and his unused spare, and he looks very fetching in them. His clinging to the road for dear life over the last couple of weeks has taken its toll. He’s been used and abused for over 2500 Norwegian miles so has earned a little TLC.

There should be an international mileage exchange rate. If there was, a Norway mile would easily be twice a UK mile. Anyway, not many miles on the clock today, Big Al has been rested and pampered.

I’m overnighting at Oanes near the ferry,

possibly my last ferry in Norway, which will put me on my final leg to Oslo. It might take a couple of days as I’m swinging around from the west, along the south coast and then north up to Oslo. We’ll see what the roads and weather have in store, but it’s not looking too bad at the moment.

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