Red figures and rainbows

Monday 10 September. A lot of driving but memorable destinations. First stop was the Hällristningar or Backa, depending on what you’re reading, rock carvings.

These Bronze Age carvings are some of many in the area, although I couldn’t find information on where the others were. They are coloured red so they can be seen, people don’t know if they were originally coloured. The hill behind was an atmospheric walk to a small shallow lake, all thought to feature in rituals 3000 years ago.

Beautiful. Plants, mosses and fungi I’ve never seen before, like a set for a fairytale.

In the afternoon I drove to Yttre Bodane, a National Park on the shores of Lake Vänern. Consisting of a rocky archipelago of small islands, where trees have found a hold in the dips and crevices, it was another magical place.

The last few days has balanced out the city visits to give a more rounded sense of Sweden.

Also on a positive note, the far right did not do as well in the election as people feared, though they did make gains. There was no party with a majority so the centrists and socialists are having to negotiate a way forward. The rise of parties across Europe which have a background of far right racism should be giving all reasonable people cause for concern, but at least their influence has been checked somewhat in Sweden.

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