Rusty iron and Iron Age.

Heading south, I put some miles in so I can get an early start in Vejle tomorrow. Having emptied what needed to be emptied, and filled what needed to be filled, I landed, with no small SatNav confusion, by a small tourist attraction – Vingsted Jernalderlandsby – a reconstruction of an Iron Age village. I suppose Iron Age villages are pre-satellite!

Free to visit, it seems people live there; there were people wandering around in ‘period’ costume even though the place was not officially open. A fun way to spend a summer with the family. This bunch of kids were knocking apples from a tree to feed to the goats!

Earlier in the day, I swung by a nearby sculpture park in an old quarry. It was en route and underwhelming, but still a nice spot for lunch and a stroll into the countryside.

I get the rusting iron in a former quarry, but it didn’t work for me.

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