“Saga Norén, Länskrim Malmö.”

Saturday 1 September. Six years ago I didn’t know Denmark was linked to Sweden by a bridge. Hooked to Nordic noir through BBC4, I fell for The Bridge and got a lesson in geography and culture.

After three weeks and 800 miles in Denmark, coincidentally the same distance and time spent in Belgium, Sweden called. I didn’t plan to cross on September 1, the start of autumn, but it is a landmark.

I’m headed north towards the Arctic circle and, I guess, the next part of my journey will be determined by the weather. Technically, I plan to do it all in autumn, but whether it tips towards the temperate or intemperate, who knows?

From a beautiful part of the planet, on a day when the world nudges the tiller from summer to autumn, I’m grateful to be here, and look forward to what the journey has ahead. I raise a glass to you all.

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