Saint-Aubon-Routot, Sandouville, Saint-Vigor-d’Ymonville.

Wednesday 22 May 2019

From Saint-Romain-de-Colbusc I cycled to Saint-Aubon-Routot, Sandouville and Saint-Vigor-d’Ymonville just to put the names in my blog. Not really, but the real reason is not much better – I was ticking off the remaining points of interest on the information board at the site entrance.

Saint-Aubon-Routot. It has a 700 year old Yewtree in the church yard.

There were two graves of British soldiers who died a day apart in 1944,

all the more poignant that it’s just them in a small churchyard of a small village.

Sandouville and Saint-Vigor-d’Ymonville were viewpoints across the Seine. This shows the bridge over the Seine to Honfleur.

It is tomorrow’s destination and the gateway to the Normandy Beaches.

The Seine Estuary, between the canal that runs to Le Havre and the river,

is a huge nature reserve, second only in France to the Camargue. (I’d always thought the dubbed 1968 series The White Horses was set in the Camargue but, having looked it up, it’s about Lipizzaner horses. How wrong was I? If you know the series, I bet you can sing the theme.)

So that was my day, tootling around the lanes, becoming a piece of human flypaper.

Finally, you were short changed yesterday. You may have thought, why was he banging on about the wonderful church but only included one photo? Well I didn’t, but between me posting my blog and the email being sent three photos vanished, though they show on my site. It’s happened before, but less significantly. Maybe it’s because I write these blogs using the app on my phone. Anyway, here are those photos of Auguste Perre’s extraordinary church.

Five, I hope!

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