Snow? In the Arctic?

Tuesday 25 September. In Sweden, I decided to travel north to south in Norway, having originally intended to go the other way around. As the first snow fell overnight, I’m relieved I changed my mind.

The snow line was quite high so, as I wound my way south west around the edge of fjords, I was not driving through it, but when the E6, the only road in town, passed through the mountains, it was a different story.

Determined to put some miles in, I drove for about seven hours. There were a series of roadworks along one fjord and traffic was held up and taken through two long tunnels in pulses. Actual distance covered was 250 miles, but all of it was through stunning scenery.

The pictures give a sense but, as I’ve said before, don’t capture the scale.

I pitched up on a beautiful and very welcoming farm site and, after some ingenious fettling of a Danish plug, got Big Al on charge, did a load of washing, had a long hot shower in a proper bathroom and finished off yesterday’s sweet and sour. The simple pleasures after another memorable day in Norway.

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