So glad I found Eu!

Tuesday 14 May 2019

The plan today was to visit the cliff tops either side of Le Tréport, or more accurately, Le Tréport à gauche, Met-les-Bains à droit.

The funicular gives a two minute ride to the cliffs above Le Tréport. You can walk up, but why take the fun out of funicular? And it’s free. The views were excellent.

As is not uncommon at viewpoints, there was a signpost showing distances to major cities.

Hastings; they’re not going to let us forget that one, are they? (Or we, given my family roots lie in France, something I’m very proud of when ‘we’ play England in rugby! I like to think our name derives from haut, tall, but I expect that’s complete bollocks – I can say that now I’m a member of the Lib Dem’s!)

Enough digression. After an enjoyable walk, I took the funicular down,

and cycled to the other side.

Yesterday, I’d seen a landmark,

so set off to investigate. After a good climb, I parked Monsieur Moof by

It’s a memorial on top of a German blockhouse.

I liked “a work of Peace dominating a work of war”.

I walked the cliffs for a while then settled in the lea of another blockhouse for lunch; bread, tomatoes and Camembert spread with a bike spanner – I’d forgotten a knife. I imagined German soldiers doing the same, having lunch in the sun, looking out to sea and thinking of home -without the bike spanner of course.

I’d completed my two tasks for the day so drifted back towards the van. I felt it was too early, but was ready to do some writing. Then I saw the sign for Eu.

I’d been unable to visit Å in Norway due to snow. Missing out on the one letter town prompted me to go for two letters. I didn’t expect much more than a photo with a sign, and some poor puns on Eu and EU! You’ve been saved those.

This is Eu.

The whole town is a like a set for Les Trois Musketeer.

Now, who’d heard of Eu? Okay, smarty pants at the back, put your hand down. Rather than trot out information about William the Conqueror, Queen Victoria and Joan of Arc

as if I knew it, here’s the link on Wikipedia. It’s a beautiful place.

As on last year’s tour, following my nose has thrown up the best surprises.

To finish on a more prosaic note,

beer is sold here in in 75cl bottles – wine bottles, with wired corks! A pint and a half is a nice amount for an evening refresher, particularly as I’m trying to reduce alcohol intake to zero again. However, it would be impolite to ignore such craftsmanship, and when you’re feeling suntanned and wind blasted on a warm spring evening then your tongue fancies a second…

CH’TI Blonde is recommended. Santé!

(Note to the editor. Although the author has been to Paris, he has not travelled in France before. Observations on bottled beer sizes only underline his ignorance.)

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