Splendid Segovia

Tuesday 2 July 2019

Two hours further south, and I’m almost in the centre of Spain. The drive through scorched grass, golden wheat fields and vineyards on wide plains fringed by blue mountains was a contrast to the roller coaster of green valleys and steep forests of my first days in Spain.

I’d heard of Segovia, but only the Spanish classical guitar player, not the UNESCO world heritage site. It was not on my list but looked pleasant enough in a superficial online search, and was on my direction of travel. I was not prepared for the town.

It has a Roman aqueduct that runs into the town. It took water from a river but now starts here.

The trough remains,

and follows the wall to this house,

where the sand and so on settled out, before it ran on,

requiring granite columns to compensate for the hill, columns that got taller.

until it turned a corner and became this.

Built around 100 CE, it’s almost 30m high

and spans over 700m to reach the walled city of Segovia.

An awe inspiring construction in any era. When those Romans built something, it stayed built.

This panorama was taken at the corner.

The town holds its own against the aqueduct with striking churches,




and views,

over the new town,

which is sympathetically built to blend in. If Segovia’s gothic and moorish influences make it photogenic, the aqueduct makes for an ornate frame.

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