Storebælt Bridge, and hats off to the Danish.

Thursday 23 August, a day of practicalities, which may be of interest for anyone considering touring Denmark. Today was about crossing to east Denmark via the Storebælt Bridge, 18km long and ten years in construction. It carries a railway line as well.

I parked up before I crossed to try and get a sense of scale; it faded into the horizon. It cost 610 dkk, £72, to cross, based on the length and weight of the van, but it was worth it. Hats off to the builders.

When I’d stopped at services a couple of days ago I saw facilities for campers to empty toilets and take on water. I didn’t need it then but found similar services today and used them. It’s great that the Danes think of these things, it takes the pressure off touring. Hats off again. Furthermore, when I got to the pitch at Ringsted, not only was it free but there’s free electricity, something I’ve never found before. Hats off once more, and thanks to the community at Ringsted.

After almost two months away from the UK the ‘fair usage’ on my European roaming is due to expire so I picked up a local sim from a supermarket yesterday. The network is Lebara and it was very straightforward to get it set up today. When Giffgaff cut me off, I’m ready to switch.

Ringsted, a pleasant enough place, has nothing much to offer beyond being half an hour from Roskilde, tomorrow’s destination but which doesn’t seem to have anywhere to pitch up.

So, a day of minor practicalities falling nicely into place. That’ll do.

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