Sweden to Denmark.

Friday 12 October. Like a flash revision session before an exam, I ran past road signs for places visited on my way north, each conjuring associated images and memories. I even swung through the same LPG station in Malmö to top up. I was on about 25% capacity, which would have covered me for a good while as I’ll be on sites in the UK, but as I was passing…

The weather’s been hot and sunny and, reflecting the sea and sky, the Øresund Bridge was a hazy blue as I crossed from Sweden to Denmark.

As I don’t need facilities, I am parked up a just a few miles down the coast from the campsite I stayed at last time. It’s a beach car park and I was glad to go for a walk after a good two hundred miles of hot tarmac to get here.

I have booked my ferry to Germany tomorrow and from Rotterdam on Monday evening, so I’ve a timetable to hit. The weather forecast is sunny and hot for the weekend,

so it’ll be shorts again. As the seasons roll backwards, winter to autumn to summer, it’s almost as if I’m being tempted to stay.

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