Tanks for the memory.

Sunday 26 May 2019

Rode west along the coast to Juno Beach, site of the Canadian D-Day landings.

Many memorials and information boards telling of acts of heroism.

I’d overtaken a couple on loaded bikes who caught up with me when I stopped here. They were a retired couple from Oregan and had been camping for a few weeks. They stopped to ask about my bike. (The VanMoof gets a lot of attention; yesterday it was a French guy on an electric bike who pulled up alongside and wanted to know about it.) We had a good chat about travels, bikes and so on, very much in agreement over the country, the people and the bakeries. Lovely couple.

This Canadian Memorial was recovered from the sea 27 years after D-Day.

This one was stopped on the beach. It’s crew were killed.

It was a good ride, cycle path beside the beach most of the way. Restaurants were full, people were playing pétanque and attending polling stations. Quiet and civilised, hopefully not the calm before the storm.

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